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Be at the 4:20 show!!!  [Hint:  Get tickets from us]  -Dutch



A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. is the latest killer track off Curtains.  Dig it, y'all.  -Dutch



This goes out to all of you: THANKS.  You made our Anthology release something special, and an overwhelming success.  Thanks Joe Grotto, Heavy Metal Television, Soundphoria, and AZCentral.  Thanks Sara Rouge, Ashes of the Dead, Mersa, Latency, Empire of Dezire, and Sectas.  Thanks to YOU THE LISTENERS.  Let me know what you think of the disc.  Be brutal.  Stay brutal.  Love you all.  -Dutch


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 Dutch Rosenberg Theater's list of available songs:


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Special thanks to Dave Darin for having us on his show in tribute to Annefest.  Click here to hear Dave's show in full.  MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.




Mega thanks to everyone at Pranksters Too for a killer time at Annefest 10.  Check the photo gallery for our handsome stage presence.  Happy Birthday, Anne!











 Dutch's list of available videos:

Any Earthen Voyage



If You're Cryptic



Monte Carlo



N'est Pas